Competition 3 Print & DPI's Results - Keyworth Camera Club

Intermediate Dpi

1st Abandoned - Richard Clothier

2nd Cubist  - Adrian Ilott

3rd French Alps -  Ken Hague

Comm L’Hoests Monkey -  Adrian Ilott

Comm Polly wants a cracker -  Ron Maslin

Comm Connected Generation -  Adrian Ilott

Advanced Dpi

1st Orange Tip on Lady’s smock -  Steve Myall

2nd Mute Swans on ice -  Tony Walker

3rd Mottled Umber -  Steve Myall

Comm Puffin with Sand eels -  Rob Cuss

Comm Giant Poppy -  Paul Burrows

Comm Velvet Shank -  Steve Myall

Intermediate Print

1st Pumpkin Boy -  Carole Syson

2nd Bench with a view -  Keith Donovan

3rd Reflections -  Keith Donovan

Comm Bryany -  Mark Kranich

Comm Dolomites -  Sunrise Keith Donovan

Comm A very French Wedding -  Mark Kranich

Advanced Print

1st Wasp -  John Sutherland

2nd Fly -  Stephen Kelsall

3rd Bee Orchid -  John Fisher

Comm Waterfall -  John Sutherland

Comm Puffball Fungus -  Ken Hague

Comm Goldfinch -  Paul Burrows

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